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Turchetta Team Featured in May 2015 Issue of Top Agent Magazine

The Turchetta Team Real Estate Team are being featured in Top Agent Magazine’s May 2015 issue!  To learn how we sell so many homes read below.  Thinking about selling your property?  We would be grateful for your consideration.

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End of Owner Finance Homes?

by on February 12, 2015
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The Bankers Look to Secure a Monopoly on Home Lending in the United States


Federal Reserve seeks comments regarding proposed rule


The Federal Reserve, which received sweeping new authority under the Obama regulatory reauthorization, wants to effectively eliminate seller-held (a.k.a. purchase money) mortgages. It will do this by enacting a rule for the Dodd-Frank Act prohibiting property sellers from taking back a mortgage unless the buyer essentially can qualify for conventional financing! What’s more, Ma and Pa Homeowner, who create 95% of seller-held mortgages, won’t be able to qualify buyers under the same underwriting standards that banks are required to perform, and therefore the cash flow notes won’t be created.

If this is enacted it also will remove access to housing for millions of Americans, because seller “financing” is the only way people who can’t qualify for conventional loans can buy a house. Moreover, it would allow a buyer a three year right of rescission (they can cancel the sale) if the seller did not properly qualify them. The right of rescission also applies to anyone who buys the note. We have precious little time to try to stop this. Read more..

Zillow Names Spartanburg SC #5 Best City for New Home Buyers

Real Estate values across the United States are down, down, down.  However, just like any market segment, some areas are performing better then others.  While everyone knows this is true for stocks it is every bit much better for real estate.

Focusing just on First Time Home buyers, a Zillow study ranked the top cities for new home buyers with Spartanburg SC ranking the #5 Best City for New Home Buyers!

Here are the criteria used and the data for Spartanburg, South Carolina. Read more..

How Many Homes For Sale are in Spartanburg County?

Spartanburg County Home Inventory for June 30, 2010

Spartanburg County Home Inventory for June 30, 2010


Number of Homes for Sale in Spartanburg County

The amount of Spartanburg County homes for sale is at an all time high.  from June 2008 to June 2009 the amount of homes for sale in Spartanburg county increased 97%!!! from 1,877 to 3,590.  That increase was driven by a poor economy and easy credit standards allowing virtually anyone to buy a home. Read more..

Neighborhood Speeding? – Drive Like Your Kids Lived Here!

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Boiling Springs Speeding Problems?

Boiling Springs Real Estate - Drive Like Your Kids Lived Here

Boiling Springs Real Estate – Drive Like Your Kids Lived Here


While driving we all want to get where we are going as quickly as we can.  Busy schedules, commitments made, ideas to follow through on, late for work, it’s something we can all identify with from time to time.  When driving in a Boiling Springs neighborhood we need to take extra precaution because children live there and routinely wander into the streets for innocent reasons.  Chasing a ball, a squirrel, a cat, wandering onto the road with a big wheel, all of these things happen to conscientious good parents.

Even in my own neighborhood where we have speed humps some drivers speed from hump to hump.  In the part where I live there are no speed humps and some drivers fly down the street like their house is on fire.

One possible solution is to have your Boiling Springs Home Owner Association start a SIGN campaign with “Drive Like YOUR Kids Lived Here” signs.  Most HOAs are open to suggestions.  If yours is not consider putting them up on your own property.  Either way, it’s great to see some caring parents taking action and doing the RIGHT thing!!!

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